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This is a time of incredible challenges and opportunities for you and your children…and PBS Kids and the Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention want to help!

We are thrilled to offer you our digital PBS Backpacks filled with activities, lessons, and experiments that provide rich educational opportunities that you can enjoy with your children at home. PBS Backpacks are tied to some of your child's favorite PBS Kids shows, so although you know they're learning, they're just having fun!


As your child’s backpack holds everything they need for school, the PBS Backpack includes key resources to layer on top of the learning that your child is already doing at school. 


PBS Backpacks just released include Science and Social & Emotional Learning. Additional PBS Backpacks will be offered in the coming weeks, in added subjects, math, arts, and social studies. Backpack activities also dovetail with national and state education standards.


Download Your Digital PBS Backpacks

Click a button below to download and save a digital PBS Backpack to your phone, tablet, or computer. A new subject and PBS Backpack will be launched over the coming weeks week.


What’s great about PBS Backpacks is that you can refer to them repeatedly to extend your child’s excitement and educational engagement. Simply click to get started!

Download our PBS backpack Educator guide

Check back often. We will continue to release added PBS digital backpacks.

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PBS Backpacks vary, but most include:


Printable hands-on activities


State standards guide for families


Family reading list


PBS KIDS programming learning goals and reflection guide


STEAM-focused videos from The Cade featuring activities and experiments


Tips for balancing screen time


Optional PBS KIDS apps and associated learning goals

We will continue to release added digital backpacks over the coming weeks.

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